Outdoor Cooking Equipment

If you are looking for outdoor cooking equipment, but are not sure what you need, look no further. There are units out there that serve multiple cooking purposes. These units come by many names, but they can help you cook whatever you’re heart desires.

These versatile cookers will allow you to grill, smoke, stew or deep fry anything all with one outdoor cooking appliance. You can use charcoal or propane, depending on what you are doing. They can be a gas grill, gas smoker, charcoal grill, charcoal smoker, or gas cooker and deep fryer. What more could you ask for? You can take it on a picnic and charcoal grill a steak. You can take it tailgating with a propane tank and deep fry chicken wings or stew up some chili. You can stay at home and smoke a brisket using propane or charcoal, whatever your preference.

If you are limited on space, have a small back yard, or a small area to store equipment while traveling, an outdoor cooker like this is a must have. Most of these units tend to be cylindrical, so they take up less space than a traditional propane grill. They are bulkier than a table top propane grill, but you can’t deep fry or smoke things with a table top grill. Using a unit like this can open up whole new world of menu options for the camp ground, tailgating, or even your own patio.

If you like to cook all different kinds of food, and you love to cook outdoors, why not find a unit that can perform multiple tasks? There is no reason why you should have to settle for just a grill, or just a BBQ smoker. Every outdoor chef needs to have the choice to cook whatever they want, when they want. Why be limited when you can do so many things with a cooker that does it all in one?