Enjoying Holiday in Bali’s Famous Beaches


The one thing about bali beach vacation is that you will never have enough of it. You will be coming back over and over again to this island. At the very least, you will feel this yearning to come to the fertile soil of Bali Island and will be prompted to include visiting the Island for at least one more time after your previous trip in your bucket list. Well, that is true; Bali has this charming aura that will make one-week trip feels not enough. There are literally so many things not to be missed out when speaking of just what it is that makes the Island so enchanting that you can’t shake it off. Its natural beauty is one thing; but the hospitality of the local people is definitely the kind of appeal that you probably can’t find anywhere else. Bali is one of the best travel destinations in Asia and probably in the world as well. It can stand among fellow popular Asian destinations and it certainly does not find it hard to compete against pretty much all other places in the world. You can argue if beaches are what the Island has, then why bother traveling across the globe if you can find one next to your neighborhood.

But do not sell short on the idea just yet. Bali beaches are world-renown for its tropical exoticism. There is no one beach in part of Bali that looks similar to the others in the same Island. The southwestern section of the peninsular area of the Island, for instance, offers beaches that are seemingly dedicated to urban travelers—both backpackers and luxury-seekers. An enclave of luxurious accommodations is located in Sanur, just across the Kuta region. Where its western counterpart boasts energetic waves that appeal to surfers, Sanur is calmer with a panoramic scenery courtesy of the neighboring Nusa Penida.

Moving further eastward, you will find Amed and Tulamben. Both beaches are different from their brethren in that while the sand is black, it is what’s kept underwater that will please you. Snorkeling underwater, you will see the wreck of a battleship, dating back to the colonial era. Lovina Beach in the northern section of the Island boasts calmer ocean waves as well. But here you can watch packs of dolphins early in the morning, swimming alongside the boat you occupy. FYI, those are only to mention beaches that have earned wide exposure to the public. There are more hidden treasures in Bali waiting for you to be explored.